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About Gwadar City

GWADAR DEEP SEA PORT - the primary part was completed by public sector with the Chinese joint venture at a revised. It enclosed 3 useful berths (602m quay length), one service berth (100m length), 4.35km passable channel (11.6/12.5m deep), roads, plinths and transit shed, operational craft and instrumentality together with steering aids and shore-based port buildings and allied facilities. The phase-2 would be built to accommodate 50,000 DWT instrumentation ships, 100,000 DWT dry bulk carriers and up to 200,000 DWT oil tankers, 3 instrumentation terminals (2010m quay length), one bulk cargo terminal (305m length), one grain handling terminal (305m length), one twin pier oil terminal (688m length), barrier (600m length), approach channel (16./20m deep), back up areas, craft and instrumentality and building etc.

TRANSPORTATION OF CRUDE OIL - Pakistan is learning the prospects of transporting crude oil to China from Gwadar Port, across Baluchistan and KPK, and through the mountainous regions of the Northern Areas, over the Khunjerab Pass to northwestern China. Pakistan has urged building a railway as one choice. An alternative choice urged by Pakistan is to use associate upgraded mountain range road to move the oil in tanker Lorries.

SAINDAK COPPER GOLD - The Saindak Copper Gold project can have capability to provide over 12500 tons 'raw copper' daily. MRDL, a Chinese company, is doing the full work. To confirm victorious implementation of the mega project modern machinery, together with rushers, smelters and different plants are put in additionally to a fifty MW powerhouse.

GWADAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE - The Balochistan government has provided 3,000 acres for Gwadar Industrial Estate. First part of Gwadar Industrial estate has been completed. there'll be about 2,000 industrial units within the Gwadar Industrial Estate providing employment to 30,000 staff. The central govt. is desperately providing special Rs700 million funding to Balochistan to meet 15 year water demand of the Gwadar Industrial Estate (GIE) through the installation of a remote assembled desalination plant.

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